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Medicare Agent Training – Medicare Supplement Leads

Selling Medicare supplements (Med Supps, as most agents refer to them) can be one of the great insurance jobs. Baby Boomers are aging at rapid rates, creating a bubble of opportunity for an agent to start selling med supps. Selling Medicare supplements from home or over the phone is a growing trend and we are seeing more agents trying to get out of the field and transition to phone sales.

What is Needed to Sell Medicare Supplements Over the phone? 

  • Leads – You will need a steady flow of leads every day to work. You’ll build a strong list of prospects to call which will translate to 6-10 sales per week. To build a large list quickly you can use a lead database. offers a solution called SalesDataList. SalesDataList allows you to pull targeted leads for final expense calling. It even allows you to scrub your search against the DNC so you stay compliant.
  • Telemarketer –  Having a consistent flow of inbound leads of people is key to making sales. Allowing a trained individual to focus on qualify leads will not only eliminate the initial stages of prospecting, it allows you to focus on warm leads interested in your offer. offers Inside Sales Agent services that connects you with a trained medicare telemarketer that will call leads for you.
  • Dialer – Using a dialer will increase your efficiency. With we offer 1, 3 and 4 line options so you can choose how many numbers to dial at once. Insurance is a numbers game, the more people you talk to, the more pitches you get out. The more pitches, the more clients you get.


Want to learn more about our calling and lead solutions? For more information about our dialer CRM solution, click here. For more information about our medicare lead product, click here.

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