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Scrubbing Leads Against the DNC (Do Not Call) Registry

Interested in unlimited scrubbing your leads against the DNC for just $79? Click here to buy now. The Do Not Call Registry was created to provide consumers a way to opt out of unwanted marketing through telephones. It is very important as an individual to stay aware...

Feature Release: WebRTC

Feature Release: WebRTC We have officially released WebRTC for all customers. WebRTC allows our customers to start campaigns within the dialer without that hassle of signing in to a soft phone or their own phone. This minimizes the steps to start dialing and allows...

Feature Release: Manager Campaign

Feature Release: Manager Campaign We have officially gone live with Manager Campaign for all customers. This will be our first phase of introducing Round Robin into the PowerDialer CRM. Managers can create campaign and assign to his reporting agents.  Steps to Create...
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