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Read it here first.

Round Robin – New Feature Release

We are happy to release a long awaited feature, Round Robin/Shared Campaign. This feature will allow multiple agents under the same manger to call one campaign. It can be used to distribute the numbers of calls evenly between each team member and route them based on...

Things to come in 2019…

Below is the SalesDialers 2018 feature list. WebRTC : In other word inbuilt soft-phone so as to bypass the whole process of installing and configuring x-lite or zoiper to make the calling experience easy and user friendly. Call Monitoring : This feature helps the... Brings Top MedSupp Coach on Board to Help Agents. prides itself on not just selling software, but trying to meet our customers’ needs and tap into industries, markets and current trends.  For example, there are 10,000 baby boomers expected to retire “every day” well into the 2030s.   This is a huge...

LionDesk Lead Pull API Guide

We have gone live with LionDesk Contacts API - Agents can now pull leads from their LionDesk account. Below are the steps to Sync LionDesk with SalesDialers   Step 1: ( We can skip this step, we are enabling all the CRM when creating a new account) Login to...

The Best Medicare Sales Scripts by Industry Gurus

Abracadabra… alakazam… Bibbidi bobbidi boo!   Magic? No, there are no magic words you can say to get any prospect to set an appointment or sign a medsupp application.  Success comes from product and industry knowledge, likability, hard work, experience, discipline and...

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