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Sales and Telemarketing Power Package

Engage with More Leads, Make More Sales

Decrease Agent Downtime

Increase Lead Conversion

Call From Anywhere in the World

Dial Up to 200 Leads Per Hour

Low-Costing, Essential Tools

Our Dialer CRM Platform combines prospect calling and lead management into one tool to keep your costs low and your business efficient. Call, email, and text any lead with these features:

  • Built-In Web Phone and CRM

All you need is a computer and headset, no extra hardware required.


  • Email Marketing

Send email blasts, schedule drip e-mails, or send ‘em on-the-fly to supplement your auto dialer efforts, and track results from coordinated campaigns.


  • SMS Marketing

Broadcast and Drip SMS Campaigns lets you send text messages to your leads. Reply to texts directly within the dialer for a seamless conversation with clients and leads.


  • Call Transfer

Having other agents call for you? Transfer any call externally to any phone number or internally to a closer account.


  • Manager Features

Dialer CRM platform includes many manager features to streamline lead qualification. Whisper, barge and listen into any agent call and record all calls.


  • Round Robin

Assign multiple agents to a single calling campaign, calls will automatically be assigned to the next available agent in the group.


  • Local Presence

Change your Caller ID to match the area in which you are calling – automatically increases pick up rates.


  • Scalable Software

Whether it’s you or hundreds of agents, our Dialer CRM Platform can handle any size team.



“My first hour I booked 5 appointments on one line. That was freaking unbelievable and amazing, I just loved it!”

– Daniel McRae

Starter Sales and Telemarketing

3 Line Dialer, No Bells or Whistles
  • Multi Line Dialer CRM
  • Call Recording
  • Email Marketing
  • Consumer Leads (SalesDataList)
  • RinglessMessages (2,000 Deliveries)
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Basic Sales and Telemarketing

3 Line Dialer Plus Consumer Leads
  • Multi Line Dialer CRM
  • Call Recording
  • Email Marketing
  •  Consumer Leads (SalesDataList)
  • RinglessMessages (2,000 Deliveries)
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