What kind of gains can you expect from using a sales dialer?

“96 percent of sales reps’ time when making outbound calls is spent hand dialing, leaving voice mails, navigating phone trees and talking with gatekeepers.”

So what kind of gains can you expect by using a sales dialer. Well, it’s a numbers game really. Well, let me me ask you… how many calls can you make while hand dialing per hour? 15? 20? 25? A top pro can make up to 25 – 30 calls per hour by dialing by hand where most people are probably closer to 20. Let’s look at the process itself. You have to:

look up the phone number,

dial the number,

wait for it to ring,

get a busy signal or disconnected number and then hang up,

get an answering machine and leave a voice mail,

hang up, try to STAY MOTIVATED and do it all over again.

Sounds like fun huh?

OR… you can subscribe to a sales dialer and the dialer will automate everything I just mentioned and give you the ability to dial up to 400 live calls per hour AND you won’t have a chance to get DE-motivated because you will be talking to LIVE people continuously. You’ll TALK to more people, MAKE more appointments and CLOSE more sells i.e. now you’re playing the numbers game and the numbers are in your favor.

So what kind of results can you expect with a sales dialer? Well, If you can manually hand dial up to 20 calls per hour and a sales dialer can give you the ability to dial up to 400 calls per hour… you do the math. Conservatively, you can expect to generate between 2 to 5 leads per hour. A dialer can increase your productivity in the 250% to 400% range!

Now a dialer can’t do your selling for you, but it is guaranteed to get you talking with prospects at a rate that you have never experienced before. You will talk to more people, become a better sales person, make more money and do it much faster than hand dialing.

When looking at a sales dialer, you should look at a dialer that as some of the following features:

The capacity to dial multiple lines per hour.

The ability to leave a sales-focused automatic answering machine message.

A hosted or web-based system will provide less maintenance and more flexibility.

Record a conversation for training and monitoring purposes.

Email marketing with email blasts and drip campaign marketing.

Federal Trade Commission (FTC) safeguards to keep you compliant.

Customer Relationship Management (CRM) features.

And the ability to customize to your specific needs would be a bonus!

And above all else make sure that the sales dialer is easy for you to use because if you can’t use it them what’s the point. Any person or company looking to increase sales using the phone and email should definitely consider a sales dialer. When compared to other means of marketing (print ad, newspaper, radio, direct mail, etc.) using a sales dialer is less expensive, more flexible and will yield results quicker.

The only thing keeping you from becoming a pro…is a sales dialer.

“Sales Dialers is a cloud based software that lets realtors contact more FSBO’s and expires track them better and get more listings, track leads better and close more sales.“

For more information contact Salesdialers.com: 1-800-662-4009 or visit www.salesdialers.com

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