What Do You Need Leads For?

Many of our customer provide their own contacts to call, but if you need a source for names to call we can give you access to unlimited consumer and business leads at www.SalesDataList.com… all for $39 per month or $299 for 12 months.

No time restrictions…
No max number of leads per day…
No contracts…
No hassle…

Lastly, we also offer data through www.SalesDataList.com which consist of over 60 million consumer and business leads which you can filter out based on your specific needs. Filter your leads based on many of the following filters at SalesDatalist.com!

Consumer Filters
• Geographic (city, zip codes, radius search by zip/zip+4)
• Age band range
• Exact age by month and year.
• Income band range.
• Net Worth range band.
• Presence of children.
• Credit rating band.
• Homeowner or renter.
• 1st Mortgage month.
• Mortgage Amount.
• Loan-to-value percentage.

Business Filters
• Industry keyword or SIC code.
• Geographic (state, county, city, zip codes, radius search by zip/zip+4)
• Company name.
• Sales volume band.
• # of employees band.

Get great leads at a great price! This introductory offer will not last long. Get the $39 price locked in while it last.

Sign up by going to http://www.salesdialers.com/lead-store/


call 800-662-4009 extension 2.

If you want more numbers then give us a call or attend our daily webinar. In just 25 minutes we’ll demo the dialer, make live calls and answer all your questions.


By Cory Prado

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