USAutodialer.com VS SalesDialers.com

Although USAutoDialer.com and SalesDialers.com offer similar products SalesDialers.com washes away USAutoDialer.com with is ease of use and inexpensiveness. Below is a chart that clearly shows SalesDialers.com offers more bang for your buck. The biggest difference (and biggest game winner) is SalesDialers.com offers a web-based software that you can easily access with an internet connection. With USAutoDialer.com you must install hardware to your computer AND pay for server hosting and PBX monthly fees.

Feature Salesdialers.com US Auto Dialer
Import Leads – Excel Yes Yes
Lead Management Yes Yes
Agent Management Yes Yes
Emails Yes No
Auto Drip Emails Yes No
Email Blasts Yes No
# of Lines 1, 2, 3 or 4 4
Analytics Yes Yes
Transfer Features External – Free No, Phone Based Transfer Only
Real-Time Leads Post Yes No
Pre-Recorded Messages for Answering Machines Yes Yes
Time Zone Protection Yes No
Change Caller ID Yes Yes
Record Phone Calls Yes Yes
Use Any Computer with Set-up Again Yes No, This is a Hardware Solution. Will need own internal PBX server for their software
Phone System Requirements Can be used from any physical or computer based phone Must have physical PBX system
Cost – Set-up $0.00 $0.00 (Self Hardware set up)
Cost – Monthly $149.00 One time fee per hardware kit, starts at $460.00 + Additional Server Hosting and PBX monthly fees.
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