Top 10 Must Read Sales Tip Articles for 2013 – Q2

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Here is our 2013 Top 10 Sales Articles from the second quarter on EyesOnSales. Enjoy! And, please, share them with your friends and co-workers using the share buttons to the right.

Here are the Top 10 articles from last quarter. Enjoy!

#10. 6 Prospecting Strtegies to Win Q3 business
by Tim Wackel

#9. How to Get More Referrals from Clients
by Michael Pedone

#8. Partnering for Profitability
by Seamas Egan

#7. 7 Tips To Get More Appointments From Your Cold Calls
by Andy Preston

#6. What Makes A Successful Negotiator? Five Steps to Negotiating Like an Expert
by Colleen Francis

#5. Secrets of an “Effective SOCIAL Networker”
by Jonathan Farrington

#4. Details are the substance.
by Dan Waldschmidt

#3. Make a sale or create an outcome? One has more power

by Jeffrey Gitomer

#2. Building Relationships – Not Resistance
by Colleen Francis

#1. 8 Reasons Your Customers Don’t Care
by The Sales Hunter

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