Tips and Tricks to get Past the Gatekeeper

Statistics show that 7% – 25% of telephone cold callers reach decision makers on the first call.

The % depends on the company size, the decision maker title, availability of direct numbers and a lot of other factors.
If there were a secret for the other 3% – 75% of calls, then that secret would be worth a lot of money!

In fact, telephone cold calling is a repetitive, time-consuming task that can generate incredible results. Most cold callers do not reach decision makers, and most cold calls do not end up in sales. Predicting the ones that reach decision makers and end up as sales is next to impossible. Although wouldn’t that be nice if we could?

The biggest secret to successful targeted cold calling is embracing an assured, positive attitude and using proven successful techniques.

Be confident and conversational. Make every call sound as though it’s the only one you will make that day. If you have to, look into a mirror. Smile and stand up!
Don’t be afraid of rejection. “No” is the second best answer to “yes.” Never accept “no” without asking follow-up questions.

“Maybe” should not be an option!

Plan for and ask lots of open ended questions. Believe in your product or service and have confidence that it will help your prospect.

Don’t continue calling if you’re in a rut. Take a walk. Take at least a five minute break every hour.
Sales is one of the hardest and most important jobs – ever! Sales is what makes the world go around! Cold calling is even harder. If you can cold call, you are special. Believe it!


Befriend the gatekeeper:
The gatekeeper’s job is to block you from the boss. So, show respect to the gatekeeper. Be nice, no matter what he or she says. Be persistent, even if you call for the eighth time. You will most likely get through one day – when the gatekeeper feels sorry for you for trying so long and patiently.

Have a compelling message the gatekeeper can relate to:
Prepare a short message the gatekeeper will understand. Make the message as generic as possible. In all events, ensure the message conveys urgency and a benefit for the business. The gatekeeper will likely pass it onto the boss and either allow a conversation, or you may get a return call.

Incorporate the gatekeeper into your sales process:
Convert the gatekeeper into the “decision maker.” It’s his or her role to make the boss’ job easier. If you show that your product or service helps the boss, you may never need to speak to the decision maker to set that sales appointment.

Attitude + Techniques = Success:

Find a good time every day. Schedule cold calling into your day.

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