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Before you make a targeted cold call, do you get yourself excited? or try to get yourself psyched up?

Do you get excited about your product or service, and try to convey your enthusiasm to your prospect?

If you’re following the traditional cold calling mindset, that’s what your doing. But what you don’t know is that enthusiasm and confidence usually has a negative effect.


Because you’re talking with someone who doesn’t know you. Being overly enthusiastic will make them become suspicious and automatically make them apprehensive. When you think of a peppy person on the phone, you think of telemarketer. When prospects think of telemarketers, they think of high pressure sales.

It’s the same when you make targeted cold calls. People don’t like the feeling of being pressured, and that’s usually what gets triggered when you approach someone with too much enthusiasm.

Here are two things for you to consider the next time you start to dial the phone:

1. Keep a low mono tone voice. Sound like a business professional not a telemarketer. If you have a high pitched voice and sound excited you sound like a telemarketer!

2. Slow Down. Most telemarketers talk fast so they wont be hung up on. Do the opposite and slow your script down. Once you get good you can even create pauses in your script to convey importance.

Sometimes just the idea of making a cold call causes you to talk more loudly and this is something you just don’t want to do!

Most cold calls break down the moment the other person feels all that enthusiasm because with high enthusiasm, prospects feel trapped. They feel the pressure of your expectations. They feel pushed by someone they don’t know, and who knows nothing about them.

So it’s much better to talk in a lower tone. When you’re being a relaxed and natural, the difference is amazing.

Get a sticky note and put it on your computer:


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