The Secret Conversion Technique to Getting FSBO’s to Call You

Originally posted on ezinearticles.com by: Joseph Bridges

The #1 battle with FSBO sellers is getting them on the phone. Calling them is the very first place to start and there are several ways to get them to call you if you don’t get them to pick up the phone.

Pretending to be a buyer interested in their property is only going to get them upset and have them rule you out so the key is getting them to call you back and having them know you are an agent who can help them without looking like everyone else.

The secret lies to leaving the FSBO seller a message that they absolutely have to return. Your message has to follow a few guidelines in order to be interesting enough to the FSBO seller to get them to call you back. If your message does not peak their interest they will never call you back.

Your message to the FSBO seller should never:

Be over 60 seconds long
Talk about how great you are and how amazing the company you work for is even if both are true
Misrepresent the fact that you are an agent. This means pretending to be a buyer interested in their home.
The above will make you look like everyone else and in order to get the seller to call you back you must not look like everyone else and leave them a message where they know there is value to calling you back. The secret technique to getting FSBO sellers to call you back is to make sure that every message you leave has the following as part of your message.

Your tone is up beat and sounds like you are thrilled at the prospect of them calling you back.
There is a purpose and a reason to calling you back. A few reasons that will prompt FSBO sellers to calling you back are that you might have a buyer for their property, you can help them increase the attendance to their open houses, or you can prevent them from making the top 10 mistakes that every FSBO seller makes that costs them thousands.
There is an easy way to get back to you through your website or 800# so that they can get the information you have.
The message is sounds personal to them and doesn’t sound generic
These techniques will get FSBO sellers to call you back over 80% of the time and will have them wanting more information from you. Use the powerful information you have to get a listing appointment and make sure it is a listing appointment and not just a walk-through of their home.

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