The Gold Call “Script Builder” Kit: With Pete Ekstrom

The Gold Call Script-Builder Kit is an e-learning, self-study program that will help you build a SOLID GOLD sales call script for making cold calls on the telephone.
The Gold Call Script eliminates objections, and builds instant rapport with prospects on the telephone. With The Gold Call Script you will soon have more scheduled sales meetings on your calendar than you ever thought possible!

The Gold Call Script – Builder Tool makes it easier for you to create and speak your cold calls to prospects! Personal coaching sessions combined w/ cold call recordings help you master the proper delivery of the Gold Call Script with your sales prospects on the phone.

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About Pete Ekstrom – The ‘Gold Caller’
“I started my sales career 28 years ago selling long distance phone service door-to-door to businesses in a Manhattan territory, back when you could walk into any building, take the elevator to the top floor, and cold call your way back down to the lobby. Over time I developed a refined skill for getting my foot in the door, and it has earned me a good living to this present day. 10 years ago I decided to go into business for myself, and I hired myself out to technology companies as a service for lead generation and demand creation.”
Notable Accomplishments

  • Developed the U.S. market for e-commerce software company Touch Clarity Ltd. (UK), and helped facilitate the sale of Touch Clarity’s business to Omniture for $51 million.
  • Built a $29 million sales pipeline for Patni Americas in 2010.
  • Closed over $200,000 in new business for ConnectandSell in 2009.
  • Generated 250 qualified sales leads in 30 days for the Halogen Software inside sales team in 2008.

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