The Gas Saving Close

You’re $30.00 Away from Closing a Customer! (…for Example)

OK–lets say that you are $30.00 per month away from closing a customer and they won’t budge and you want to hold your gross. What do you do?

If they are trading a gas-guzzler to a more fuel efficient vehicle then follow these steps.

Step 1: Find out how many miles they are driving a month. Ask them.

Lets say that they drive 1000 miles per month.

Step 2: Ask them what kind of gas mileage they get.

If they don’t provide an answer, GIVE them the answer. Let’s say 15 mpg.

Step 3: Do a little math for them.

Take the miles per month and divide by the gas mileage. In this case, 1000 divided by 15 is 66.67. This is the gallons of gas they are using right now in their gas guzzler.

Multiply the gallons by the current gas price ($3.25 outside my window right now) so 66.67 x $3.25 = $216.68 dollars per month to drive their current car.

Step 4: Tell them what kind of gas mileage your car gets.

Lets say it gets 30 mpg.

Step 5: Do the math for your vehicle.

Do the math–1000 divided by 30 mpg = 33.33 gallons x $3.25 = $108.32 (what their car will cost them a month to drive.

Step 6: Subtract the numbers.

Their car costs them $216.68 – our car at $108.32 = $108.36 in savings a month.

Step 7: Close Them!

“Mr. Customer, as you can see, when you get this new car, you will save $108.32 per month in gas. We’re within $30 of doing business and even there, you will still save $78 a month in gas–just by switching to this car. That’s REAL MONEY, folks and that’s at today’s prices. Imagine how much you will save WHEN gas gets higher.”

“Doesn’t it make sense to save money on gas and get yourself a new car in the process?”


I worked with a few guys and taught them this close. One of them made a spreadsheet where he just had to put in the numbers and the computer did the rest. BAD IDEA! Do the math in front of your customer–hand write it–get them involved. It makes this close much more powerful.

This is a very power close–practice it, use it and you will see how well it will work. Don’t trust me on it, TEST me on it.

Retrieved 19 March 2013 from http://carsalesassistant.com/CarSalesTechniques/Gas-Savings-Close.html

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