Ten Ways to Manage Your Time More Efficiently

by: Bernice Ross

Do you have too much work, not enough time? Try these ten time saving clues that can help you to manage your time and your real estate business more efficiently.

1. Keep a journal for one week of how you spend your time. (Use 30 minute blocks). The first step in creating more time is to becoming aware of where your time is wasted.

2. Identify the top 20 percent of your activities. These activities produce 80 percent of the benefit/results in your business. Now identify the bottom 20%. These activities produce less than 1 percent of benefit. Keep focused on the top 20 percent while completely eliminating the bottom 20 percent. (This is known as the 80-20 rule).

3. One of the most insidious time wasters is allowing what is urgent, but not important take priority over what is it important, not urgent.

**Urgent and important (i.e. listing and offer presentations, major transaction problems, etc.)

**Important, but not urgent (prospecting, lead follow-up, etc.)

**Urgent, but not important (most phone calls, text messages, and social media updates etc.)

**Neither urgent or important (office gossip, non-work related phone calls, etc.)

Focus on completing the first two categories and be ruthless about eliminating what is neither urgent nor important. For example, don’t allow your prospecting activities to be interrupted by phone calls or other agents. Tell the receptionist not to put through any phone calls while you are prospecting and tell agents who disturb you to come back after you finish your calls.

4. When scheduling your activities, do what is most difficult for you to do first. This creates space by freeing you from worrying about what you dread doing.

5. Turn off your cell phone. Check messages every 30-60 minutes based upon your schedule, not based upon the urgency of clients and other agents.

6. Leave the following message on your voicemail:

“Hello, this is ________. Today is June 29. I will be out of the office until 3:00 PM. Please leave your name and number and where I can reach you this afternoon. Also, my listing at (give address) is under contract. All other properties are still available.” You can return calls earlier if you like, but on your schedule, not someone else’s.

7. Under promise and over deliver. Create less stress by allowing yourself more time. For example, if you think you can complete a CMA for by this afternoon at 5:00 PM, tell the seller you will have it tomorrow by 5:00 PM. If you finish early, you look great. If you need more time, you’re not stuck making apologies or excuses.

8. Funnel all your telephone messages into one voice mailbox so you only have to make one call to check your messages.

9. Hire someone to do your errands such as dropping off the cleaning, replenishing brochure boxes, putting up name riders, etc. If this is not possible, do your errands in a single trip.

10. You can order virtually anything you need on-line and have it delivered (or picked up). Save yourself valuable time and money by taking advantage of the web.


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