XLITE Changes for Philippines Customers

Good news Philippines clients: Because of the high demand of SalesDialers in the Philippines, we have added servers that will make the voice quality of our CRM dialer solution second to none. It’s a commitment SalesDialers.com has made our company the leading CRM dialer solution in the Philippines. Below you will find instructions on how […]


SalesDialers.com: Introducing our NEW Folder Based UI

Today SalesDialers.com released our newest feature to all customers within our dialer system, our Folder Based UI. With this new UI you will now be able to organize and review your campaigns with a simple click, drag and drop. You will also be able to create detailed folder systems for easy follow-ups and lead management. […]


How To Sell Your Business – B2B

Selling B2B should be an easy process. But, the reality is that it is complicated and needs to be a focused process. Trading with other businesses requires a distinctive approach to the consumer market. Developing and executing an effective B2B marketing tactic will help you build your sales much more smoothly and efficiently. Below are […]


Call Tools vs SalesDialers.com

Calltools.com offers a predictive dialer much similar to SalesDialers.com. Both companies share many similar features that can be good for the user, however there a many features the sets SalesDialers.com to a higher standard. SalesDialers.com offers many unique features including customizable emails, auto drip emails, recording phone calls and email blasts that many clients need […]


Best Social Networks For Realtors

Real estate businesses and professionals sink or soar based on their success in the following three areas: Referrals Repeat business The Internet In today’s internet-connected world, social media is a vital tool for every realtor. And many real estate agents have already jumped online, networking with potential clients through social media. Social media boosts real […]


Top 5 Real Estate Magazines and News Sources

In such a competitive market, it’s important that you keep up with all the most recent strategic and technological developments in the industry. Unfortunately, it’s not always easy to find good reading material that won’t be a waste of what precious little time you have. This is why it’s important to make sure you’re not […]


SlyDial/SlyBroadcast vs RinglessMessages.com

Although RinglessMessages and SlyBroadcast offer many similar features, the small differences between our services have a large impact on the value of what our customers are getting for their money. While SlyBroadcast is a quality service, RinglessMessages offers more at a lower price. Beyond our significantly more cost effective pricing, we also offer a number of […]


Seize the Market Dialer vs SalesDialers.com

Although SalesDialers.com and Seize the Market Dialer have very similar features, the one thing that sets these two apart is the price. SalesDialers.com strives to offer an inexpensive dialing solution that is both feature rich and easy to use while offering the highest of quality service and Support to all of our customers. Here is […]


Sales Dialers and Top Producer Team Up

Top Producer, the leader in realtor CRM has partnered with Sales Dialers to integrate the two popular softwares. Sales Dialers is the leader with Dialer CRM technology and has now partnered with the top realtor CRM Company. The Sales Dialers’ team has been working diligently over the past few weeks to develop the new feature […]


Aheeva Dialer vs SalesDialer

  Feature Salesdialers.com Aheeva Dialer Import Leads – Excel Yes Yes Lead Management Yes Yes Agent Management Yes Yes Emails Yes No Auto Drip Emails Yes No Email Blasts Yes No # of Lines 1 to 4 Up to 3 Analytics Yes Yes Real-Time Leads Post Yes No Pre-Recorded Messages for Answering Machines Yes Yes […]

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