Optimize Your Circle Prospecting!

Circle prospecting is a major part of any real estate agents day. However, spending your whole day, even a week, circle prospecting is not a good use of your time. SalesDialers.com is offering the perfect tool to minimize time and effort in your daily schedule. AgentCircleProspecting is an online tool developed specifically for circle prospecting […]


How To Write A Neighborhood Profile

Searching for the best way to showcase your market while also driving traffic to your real estate website? Writing neighborhood profile pages is the way to go! Neighborhood profile pages are an excellent lead generator as it’s a way to incorporate keyword-rich search terms into your website to help in getting better rankings. They also […]


5 Must Do’s To Advertise A New Listing

One key factor that every sales associate ought to have if they want to attain stellar leads in real estate are action plans! Action plans will help keep you on target and make sure that you’re covering all of your bases. One such action set up ought to revolve around new listings. What do you […]


Top 5 Realtor Trends To Watch Out For In 2016

We had a great 2015—the greatest year for housing since 2007. And we foresee an even better time in 2016. Thousands of buyers will return to the market in 2016. How? Well, with economic growth, there will be an increase in employment rate, meaning that people will have more money coming in, and they will […]


Best Social Networks For Realtors

Real estate businesses and professionals sink or soar based on their success in the following three areas: Referrals Repeat business The Internet In today’s internet-connected world, social media is a vital tool for every realtor. And many real estate agents have already jumped online, networking with potential clients through social media. Social media boosts real […]


Top 3 Questions Realtors Get Asked And How To Answer Them

Becoming a successful realtor is directly related to the amount of effort you put forth. When it comes to listing their homes, most people hire an agent on appearance and gut feeling. Beyond that, real estate agents get asked certain questions, and many clients hire based on responses gotten. To be better prepared for such […]


Top 10 Apps for Realtors to Use

Enjoy these up to date real estate software applications for smartphones. Scannable – no need for a scan machine with this app just aim and scanned. This app is also compatible with Evernote Roomscan Pro – excellent app for realtors. This app for software real estate room plans and the need to get quick room […]


Top 5 Real Estate Magazines and News Sources

In such a competitive market, it’s important that you keep up with all the most recent strategic and technological developments in the industry. Unfortunately, it’s not always easy to find good reading material that won’t be a waste of what precious little time you have. This is why it’s important to make sure you’re not […]


Sales Dialers and Top Producer Team Up

Top Producer, the leader in realtor CRM has partnered with Sales Dialers to integrate the two popular softwares. Sales Dialers is the leader with Dialer CRM technology and has now partnered with the top realtor CRM Company. The Sales Dialers’ team has been working diligently over the past few weeks to develop the new feature […]


Myrealestatetools.com and SalesDialers.com

Myrealestatetools.com and Salesdialers.com are great real estate agent tools to use together.  Click the link below to hear how realtors can have great success with SalesDialers. Bruce Keith Talks about Salesdialers.com and how it benefits Real Estate Agents. Why Choose Salesdialers? – Easy to use:    Simple is never a bad thing. Our dialer was developed […]

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