Stuck At Your Current Level?

ORBIT POWER…every Salesperson has their own universe. Every Salesperson has a circumference that they operate within. Let’s refer to this circumference as your “orbit”. Your orbit will determine how much business is available for you to attract. Think about it, if your orbit is 500 people then you are in a position to attract twice as much business as someone who has an orbit of 250 people. The larger your orbit… the greater the opportunity for results.

Here is your ACTION STEP… the first thing to accept is that there a definite connection between the size of your orbit and your opportunity for results. You must make sure that you are working with a large enough audience. Failure to do so can only result in underachievement. There are two types of groups in your orbit:

1. People Who Know You (they may or may not have done business with you already). These people trust you and the “rapport factor” is already in place. These are the highest yield opportunities in your orbit. Never lose sight of the reality that the People Who Know You will always be http://conformis.com/wp-online/ the ones you should be in touch with first.

2. People Who Don’t Know You… new potential clients. This will always be the largest group of the two. In order to do a lot more business it is critical that you spend generic viagra 100mg a lot of time working this category.(Read that last sentence again…this how you will increase your sales volume this year)

Disclaimer: if category #1 exceeds 1000 names of legitimate “fans” then you can spend the bulk of your time staying in touch with that group. Otherwise, it’s up to you to build your list to that number (see details below).

The difference between average results and exceptional results lies in your commitment to pursue the second group in an effort to expand the first group. They can be contacted in numerous ways (advertising, cold calling, Internet, passive marketing, social media, farming, etc. etc. etc.).  The main thing is… if you are going to grow your business you have to be consistent in moving people from the second group to the first group. This does not mean that you can ignore the first group. The solution is to create a balance of effort between the two and expand your orbit. NO Excuses.

PS…if you need help going to this next step…contact me about ourCoaching. I can show you how…painlessly.


“Bruce Keith is a 25+ year veteran of the real estate sales industry, the last 15 years as a Sales Trainer and Coach. He has personally done everything he teaches. His wisdom and his down to earth approach focuses on three critical aspects of the business… Time Mastery, Real-life Sales Skills, and Repeatable Business Systems. He has worked with thousands of real estate Salespeople, many of whom perform in the top 1% of the marketplace. It’s not uncommon for the Salespeople who use Bruce’s products and Coaching to increase their yearly incomes by $40,000, $50,000, or even $100,000 or more.”

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