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About Pete Ekstrom – The ‘Gold Caller’
“I started my sales career 28 years ago selling long distance phone service door-to-door to businesses in a Manhattan territory, back when you could walk into any building, take the elevator to the top floor, and cold call your way back down to the lobby. Over time I developed a refined skill for getting my foot http://theessaymag.com/canada/ in the door, and it has earned me a good living to this present day. 10 years ago I decided to go into business for myself, and I hired myself out to technology companies cialis online as a service for lead generation and demand creation.”
Notable Accomplishments

  • Developed the U.S. market for e-commerce software company Touch Clarity Ltd. (UK), and helped facilitate the sale of Touch Clarity’s business to Omniture for $51 million.
  • Built a $29 million sales pipeline for Patni Americas in 2010.
  • Closed over $200,000 in new business for ConnectandSell in 2009.
  • Generated 250 qualified sales leads in 30 days for the Halogen Software inside sales team in 2008.

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