Solid Business Deal Between Sales Dialers Inc. and Cardone

YouTube Interaction Leads to Solid Business Deal Between Sales Dialers Inc. and Cardone Training Technologies Inc.

Miami Beach, Florida January XX, 2014 – Grant Cardone, international sales expert, entrepreneur and best-selling author encourages business owners everywhere to make the most of social media, use it to get out of obscurity and drum up new business. This is exactly what happened when Sales Dialers Inc.’s VP of Sales and Marketing, Steve Summerall was introduced to Grant’s YouTube channel by a fellow executive.

Sales Dialers, a company that offers CRM software designed to dial multiple targets at once knew they were providing greater efficiency and volume for sales professionals. However, they sought out to offer a tool to help clients with sales conversion. Cardone University, a training tool that offers the convenience of on-line training plus hours of targeted educational video content became that solution.

According to Sales Dialers’ VP, Steve Summerall, the biggest challenge Sales Dialers faced was client retention, given their service is month-to-month. “People want to see results quickly or they won’t stick with the service. We’ve been providing more call volume through our multi-call dialing system but we needed to help our clients turn those calls into contracts. Results means retention. When I learned more about Cardone University sales training and saw all it has to offer our clients, I knew it was the right solution.”

Steve Spray, Sales and Marketing Manager, Cardone Training Technologies, Inc. (CTTI) who scours all of Grant Cardone’s social media platforms for potential leads, saw a comment from a Sales Dialers executive and immediately reached out.

“You always have to monitor social media. People are posting comments and are seeking information for a reason. Once I spoke to the executive who commented on the YouTube video and learned about Sales Dialers, I understood what they were trying to achieve. They wanted to offer their clients more value, which is exactly what we strive to do at CTTI. When they explained what their challenge was, I knew Cardone University was the answer they were looking for,” offers Steve Spray.

Further conversations between the two Steve’s revealed that both companies, Sales Dialers Inc. and Cardone Training Technologies Inc. had a common commitment to taking massive action towards their growth as they help their clients do the same in their businesses.

This is a very exciting time for Sales Dialers and CTTI. Both companies are expanding their client base and have set their Buy cialis drugs targets to unpredented levels for 2014. It made perfect sense for both companies to come together. Sales Dialers to date, had mainly provided services to the insurance industry and is adding real estate professionals to their roster in the first quarter of 2014.

“These are the kind of deals that really fire me up,” offers Grant Cardone. “I like that the connection came through social media and that it was acted upon quickly. It’s a classic example of practicing urgency in business, and working toward providing solutions. Sales Dialers is a service provider just as we are. So we get it. They want to be the best option and dominate their space and we want to help them accomplish that. It’s going to be a strong relationship and one that will result to massive growth. There are huge possibilities here.”
About Sales Dialers Inc.:
Founded in June of 2009, Sales Dialer’s set out to help sales professionals reach more prospects through a sophisticated CRM dialing software that provides specific features that lead to more efficient results. Rated A with the Better Business Bureau, Sales Dialers stands behind their product and how it can help generate more sales for the “average” businessman. They constantly update and release new features to provide solutions that drive results for their clients that include Colonial Life, Benefit Mall, Coto Financial, Allstate, State Farm, and Insphere. Some of the fastest growing companies in the world now use SalesDialers.com.
About Grant Cardone and Cardone University:
Grant Cardone, is an international business and sales expert and a New York Times best-selling author. He has authored 4 business books since 2008 and has customized sales training programs for Fortune 500 companies, small businesses, success-minded individuals and entrepreneurs. He regularly appears on Fox News, Fox Business, NBC, and MSNBC, offering commentary and insights on a slew of topics affecting the economy, business, leadership and matters affecting the middle class.
Cardone On-Demand and Cardone Sales University were introduced in 2010 and have become industry leaders for web-based sales training. These are comprehensive sales training and sales management courses provided online with over 1100 segments of content broken into exact modules and curriculums. Cardone’s online sales training universities provide sales meetings, testing, reporting, and sales solutions for every selling situation imaginable. At the start of 2013, sales organizations have viewed and tested on over 10 million videos.
For more information please visit http://www.grantcardone.com or contact:
Lisa Giassa, PR Director
310-777-0255, lisa@grantcardone.com

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