“Softening” The Cold Call with Email? Think Again.


“I have always tried to “soften” the blow of a cold call with an email first. Is that appropriate?”


SalesBuzz Answer:

I’m a firm believer in making the sales call first and then following that up with an email.

 Emailing first has become extremely popular as a remedy for sales people who are trying to avoid the pain of hearing “No, thanks”, “Not interested” or “We’re all set (click)” but it is NOT a remedy for making more contacts and sales.

Sales people that resort to sending emails first often end up making the same mistake within the email message as they do when they call and get the prospect on the phone.
Fix your opening value statement and make the call first. If you get voicemail, leave the right message, send the right email and then schedule your second attempt within 24 hours.

And regarding “Softening the blow”…

If you’ve done your prospecting correctly, your prospect will be thankful you called!
I would seriously think about how you view your sales calls and urge you to viagra online overnight reject the notion that your prospect won’t be grateful that you called!
When I make a sales call, I’m calling to qualify them in the sense to see if their sales team is missing quota and if they are, is it because they are getting stopped by gatekeepersvoicemails aren’t being returned or if the decision makers don’t see a need to switch. And if that’s the case, I know I can help fix that. Now who benefits more, me for gaining a new client or them, for learning how to gain a BUNCH of new clients?
Start viewing your product or service in that same light. Make sure you understand what the true benefits your targeted audience will receive if they used your product or service and then get them on the phone, ask the right sales questions and start helping them be successful.
The more people you help, the more successful you will be. It’s a great truth principle.
Michael Pedone – SalesBuzz.com‘s CSS: Chief Sales Scientist
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