Simple Effective Sales Techniques to Embrace in Real Estate

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We all know that it’s tough in the real estate arena at the moment; sales are unpredictable because a flighty economy doesn’t offer any sense of stability for buyers. This means that the real estate agent must do everything possible to connect with any potential clients to stop them taking their business elsewhere.

It’s so important to make a good and lasting first impression. It sets the tone and helps to cement any possibility of business between you and so remember to smile and welcome them (in an honest and natural way). Get their attention as quickly as you can by building a lasting rapport. People have less time these days because there are so many distractions competing for their time, so if you have information that they need to know about, do it in an efficient manner and come straight to the point. Don’t try weird gimmicks or fancy sales techniques because these don’t really work and won’t do you any favours whilst trying to build up a solid relationship with your client. Importantly, despite any pressure that you might be feeling to do a deal, relax and just enjoy the experience, this way your natural enthusiasm for the job will come across.

Once you have got the client’s attention, don’t panic but you realistically only have seconds in which to create some interest. If they have walked into your offices, then they potentially have a need for your services –even if they are only considering buying or selling right now. Connect with them on their terms and to do this, you need to cut to the chase and find out exactly what they need. This means friendly, yet efficient questioning so that you can find out what they need and provide some intuitive information or literature that will help to answer any query that they might have. Whilst it’s important not to dawdle during your interactions, don’t take the conveyor belt approach which will make your client’s feel that you are too busy to do busi

ness with them and are keen to move on to talk to the next client. Empathise with their situation and mirror and match their body language and communications and this will help you to continue to build up that all important rapport. Be subtle however whilst doing this.

With rapport will come ease of communication. This in turn will help you to ascertain their current situation, their needs and any current constraints that will affect the outcome whether they are buying or selling. If you are confident with your own knowledge of the real estate market, allow this confidence to come across naturally so that your client will feel safe dealing with you. Continue being enthusiastic but not overly eager, as you don’t wish to appear desperate for their business or fake. Demonstrate how you and your company will locate the right products or services for their needs so that they feel comfortable with your representing them. You need to ensure that you build on their desires skilfully and this should always become a natural part of your real estate armoury.

If your client’s seem unable to take the next step, it may be that you need to progress their thinking in terms of actions. Skilfully and effectively, take control over what happens next by making the process as simple as it can be. In other words, you are streamlining the process of buying and selling for them and removing any obstacles from their path.

Real estate success is often considered to require the basic building blocks of sales and this is why it’s important to only focus on the client’s needs and not undertake any gimmicky promotions. Buying or selling a house is a serious business and your client is only going to sign on the dotted line with you if they instinctively feel comfortable with you and believe in you. The most important aspect of any sales techniques that you have to learn is how to sell yourself. Credibility, trustworthy and integrity are the keywords for real estate sales techniques that you should embrace and exude.

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