Sales Dialers Pro
Press one and voice blast marketing system.

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SalesDialersPRO is a cloud based software by a A rated BBB company that simply lets its users dial more leads and close more sales. It’s ideal for all call center solutions from lead generation to notifications, surveys and appointment setting.

SalesDialersPRO offers everything you need to build your business with outbound calling, custom recordings, IVR solutions, SMS broadcasts and a variety of different surveys including Press 1 campaigns. We pride ourselves in providing clients the most advanced and affordable solution on the market today so be sure to click above for a complete list of features.

The SalesDialersPRO offers scalable sales engine technology used by some of the fastest growing companies in the US. Our clients consist of the small call centers (5-10) all the way up to large corporations with hundreds of agents.

$2.9 cents per minute!
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