SalesDialers.com: The Dialer for Merchant Servers

SalesDialers.com is the perfect way to call out out different business to boost your merchant service sales! With SalesDialers.com you can dial up to 400 times more businesses than just hand dialing. This saves your business a lot of time from dialing just one business at a time and frees up time that could be used being more productive elsewhere.

Aside from a grade A dialer, SalesDialers.com also offers other feature to make sure that you are getting the most out of our service. SalesDialers.com other features include: real-time lead alerts, drip email and email blast, ability to connect instantly to a lead (our new ConnectNSell feature), abandonment meter, time-zone protection, and the ability to change the caller id on the fly!

These are just a few of the features that we are offer and with our different packages that we provide for all of your calling needs, you can ensure that you get the bang for your buck!

For more information about SalesDialers.com, all of the features we have to offer, and our different pricing options, give our sales team a call at (800) 662-4009 ext 1.

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