SalesDialers.com Introduces Realtor Insight

SalesDialers LLC is proud to announce a new feature to our dialer, Realtor Insight. With this new feature, realtors will be able to look up property info at the click of a button via Zillow or Trulia. This will not only save time but put the information that could be the difference between making the sale or not, at your fingertips. “ This is cialis online really our first feature addition for just Realtors. In the past the features we release pertain to all our clients, but this new feature will not only help the Realtor’s get more listings but also increase SalesDialers.com market share in the Real Estate industy. Our clients asked for a feature of this caliber and we were all to happy to oblige, with Realtor Insight there is no stopping your selling potential.” states Mr. Prado. Below is a screen shot of the newest edition to the Sales Dialer interface.



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