Sales Tips for Stopping the Car Sales Slump

Every now and then both a new car salesman and even a long time car salesman will have a sales slump that they don’t understand. When the Newbie finished their sales training they went through the steps thoroughly and were making more and more deals. It’s almost the same for the veteran auto salesperson because they have had many experiences selling cars.

It doesn’t matter how long you have been selling autos for a living there are those weeks that you will find yourself in a slump. They start getting bored with the same routine or they start to think that they can shortcut the steps of their auto sales training and save some time. They are trying to determine a customers potential for buying a car only by seeing them. Then all of a sudden their number of closed deals begins to drop along with their income. In the car business it is called getting in the way. In an effort to fix what is not broke they try to change the proven and tested selling system from the car salesman guide and fail. There are three basic 3 car salesman tips below that you need to follow in order to build a good foundation to sell cars.

Car Sales Tip: You Can’t Pick the Right Up. It is not unusual for a sales person to get comfortable and think they can pick out a good customer based on their look. They decide whether they should help a customer by looking at them and the car they drove to the dealer or if they should pass. There are many sales people that could kick themselves for passing on customers that they thought were shoppers and not buyers. Most people that visit the car dealer would rather the car salesman thought they were not a buyer so they won’t be hassled. As far as car sales tips go, stop sizing up customers and start taking care of them and you will increase your odds for making more sales.

Car Sales Tip: First Things First. Greeting the car shopper for the first time whether in the lot or in the showroom is very critical. The impression you make on the potential auto buyer can give you a chance to sell them a car or it can ruin any chance of making them a new car owner. You need to meet your customer and introduce yourself like a professional; you should look presentable and have good breath so you can make a favorable impression. You want your customer to believe they came to the right place to buy a car so make sure you walk, look and sound like the right salesman for the job. This is probably the most important and basic car salesman tip, because you won’t get very far if the auto buyer doesn’t have any faith in you.

Car Sales Tip: Picking the Right Car. Sounds too simple right, well I can tell you about many times when a new car salesman was selling the buyer the wrong car. You need to understand your customer and their needs in order to select the right vehicle and this is done by talking and listening to the buyer. Try as you might, if they aren’t in love with the new vehicle there isn’t much chance of making them an owner. Everyone wants a nice new loaded car, but everybody has limitations. It might be price, payment, passenger room or whatever. Whatever your customer is trying to accomplish with a new car, you must know what it is before you can sell them a new automobile.

Don’t get worked up if you have a dry spell in your sales career because it happens to the best of them and it is simply a way to make you a better car salesman. The right attitude and some car sales tips will get you through the dry spell and back on the road to making commissions. You will break out of that slump and back on the road to nice big car sales commissions.

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