Sales Appointments: Getting Prospects to Show Up


“What is the best way to make sure prospects show up and don’t skip out on sales appointments? I send calendar reminders but my cancellation / no-show rate is still too high.”

SalesBuzz Answer:
There are different “stages” or scenarios if you will, regarding sales appointments.

For example, you could be setting up a sales appointment for one of your field (face to face) reps so they can do an introduction and needs analysis.

Or you can be setting an buy viagra 100mg appointment for you or someone in your company to do a Qualification Sale Call.

And of course, there’s the follow-up sales appointment after a demo / presentation or a proposal has been sent.

Each of these scenarios have slightly different answers because each requires a different “check-list” to be completed PRIOR TO GETTING TO THIS STAGE in order to have a higher “show-up” rate.

But one phone sales technique that they all have in common that you can use to increase your sales appointment rate is the call / email combo I use prior to the actual meeting.

The Pre-Meeting Follow-Up Sales Technique

Of course we are assuming you are already sending a calendar reminder to your prospect with the date / time of your meeting along with an enticing subject line and powerful WHAT’S IN IT FOR THEM reason for the meeting. But if you really want to improve your show-up rate, do this:

Two (business) days prior to the scheduled sales appointment meeting, call your prospect and say this:

“Hi (Prospects Name) this is (Your Name) with (Your Company). I know we have a call scheduled for (DAY) and wanted to see if we were still on for that?”


OK couple things here… look at all the options your prospect will have:

  1. Yes, we are still on;
  2. No, we need to cancel / reschedule;
  3. Oh wow, totally forgot. Let me go talk to my boss about that right now!

So let’s take #2 first (they want to cancel). My question to you is this… when would you want to know that they’ve gotten cold feet and weren’t going to show up for the meeting? Would you rather know now, or when you call and get their voicemail on the set appointment time? If they are going to cancel, I’d rather catch it early for two reasons.

  1. I have a chance of saving it since I called them early when they weren’t expecting my call.
  2. If it is unsalvageable, I know it ahead of time and can get back to work to fill that spot with another prospect.

Either way it’s a win / win for me (even though some sales people won’t see it that way).

Now let’s look at #1 (Yes, we’re still on!) When they say that, I ask this follow-up question:

“Great! Is there any questions I can answer for you now while you’ve got me on the phone?”

They can only answer one of two ways:

  • “No, we’re all set till our meeting.” or
  • They ask a question.

And a good portion of the time, when they ask a question, it’s a buying signal question that often times will lead to a deal right then and there (talk about shortening your sales cycle).

One last thing… If (when) you use the “Pre-Sales Meeting” Play and you get voicemail, leave this message:

Hi (PROSPECTS NAME) this is (YOURNAME) with (YOUR COMPANY) and I’m calling to confirm that we are still on for (date/time). If you need to get a hold of me before then, I can be reached at (YOUR NUMBER).

And follow that voicemail up with an email that says:

SUBJECT LINE: Voicemail / Conference Call



Just left you a voicemail message as a reminder of our meeting on (DAY/TIME) regarding (THE WHATS IN IT FOR THEM VALUE STATEMENT). If you need to get a hold of me before then, I can be reached at (YOUR NUMBER).


Follow this simple process and watch how your sales appointment rate rises.



Michael Pedone

CSS: Chief Sales Scientist

SalesBuzz.comBecause Salespeople Don’t Want to Be Trained, They Want to Be BETTER!

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