If you have a subscription based product, we automatically set up a subscription for all Unlimited or Data products, your billing date is based off of the day you purchased the product and will cycle through a 30-calender day billing cycle.

If a decline occurs, we turn off the account and notify the owner. Please note: a decline does not constitute a cancellation, billing will continue until a proper cancellation is issued. Once payment is received we will resume services, if payment is made days after original billing date, you’re billing cycle will be moved to the date you have made your last payment.


We only accept cancellations through email or if you have our dialer product you can cancel within your account. We do not accept any phone cancellations. Please submit your cancellations on or before your next billing date. We do not offer prorated refunds if canceled before billing date, your account will remain on until the end of your billing cycle.

Product Usage:

SalesDialers.com does not bill by usage. If an account is not used we will only refund payments if you canceled before or on your billing date.


Refunds are processed only if we have a written cancellation from customer and if the request is on or 48 hours after your billing date. If you cancel your account within 48 hours (including weekends) of your last billing cycle we will process the cancellation and refund accordingly.

**All data subscription fees are non-refundable** (SalesDataList/AgentCircleProspecting)

 You can contact our accounting department is you have any questions about your account and how you will be billed. accounting@salesdialers.com or 800-662-4009 ext 4

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