Opening Closed Doors

The most successful Salespeople find ways to create selling opportunities in spite of the initial NO

How? Well, sometimes the “closed doors” you run into are not really closed at all. Understand that when the Prospect first turns you down, it doesn’t mean that they are lying… it just means that they haven’t seen a reason or a possibility for doing what you are suggesting. There’s no sense of “hope” there.

Here’s a great technique for establishing if you can show your prospect a way that their “closed door” can be opened. It starts with this great mantra…

You can’t turn a no into a yes without a maybe in between”.

The way you create that “maybe in between” is to introduce the IF question. Here’s some examples…

1. If there was a way for you to make your move now, would that pose a problem for you?

2. If we could sell your home and have you net the same amount of money in your pocket, is there any reason you wouldn’t go ahead with that approach?

3. If we could find your dream home in your price range, what would you do? 

4. If we were able to deal with that particular challenge… and it’s my job to help you with that… is there anything else holding you back from moving forward?

Of course there isn’t a guaranteed “maybe” for every rejection you receive. At the same time, there are lots of sales made to Prospects who became Customers simply because a skilled Salesperson (that’s you) helped them find a way to get what they wanted. That’s your job and it’s very easy to do. Start by asking the IF question and go from there. You’ll be amazed at how easy it is…it all starts with you giving them HOPE. That’s what the IF question does. NO Excuses


About Bruce Keith: Bruce Keith is a leading trainer for Sales organizations in North America. Bruce was exceptionally well trained in the corporate world as a marketing and Sales manager for 15 years with IBM. The  past 25+ years have been spent in the real estate industry. The initial 10 years were spent as a highly successful real estate Salesperson– followed by the last 15 years as an acclaimed keynote speaker, seminar leader, author and one-on-one coach.

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