Most features for the price of any predictive or power dialer

SalesDialers.com Features

Experience the power of our Quad -Line Technology. Make 400 Live calls per hour.

Sales engine that targets leads and Quadruples the number of calls you can make, thus Quadrupling your sales.

Quad Line Power Dialer- Our Quad-line dialer calls out at a blazing speed of 400 (LIVE) calls per hour. Based on the latest technology our dialer has the best call quality on the market. When a call is answered, our power dialer is so fast you hear the very “first hello” with crystal clear phone quality.

Abandonment Rate Meter to help monitor compliance with FTC guidelines.

Schedule and send a series of emails (drip email marketing) to your prospects to stay in touch with them automatically through out the sales process.

Email blast features- Send out thousands and thousands of emails to leads in seconds

New- Create a video of you or your company or upload a video into our email system. Create and play slides in emails. This new technology engages the lead much more then regular emails.

NEW- Receive a notice instantly-when a prospects opens your email and have the ability to call him at that instant. This feature allows you to call the prospect while he has your company info in front of him.

NEW-Send email blast to all your leads at one time- or import emails from a list and send an email blast to all of the recipients.

Set for release on November 1st. – Be the first to call your Internet leads. Have the system call you (the agent) when a real time Interent lead comes into the system. You then have the ability to be connected to the lead instantly within 5 seconds.

Time Zone protection- Protects you from calling to leads where it is earlier than 9AM and later than 9PM.

Ability to change the number of lines on the fly. So if you have a list of appointment leads you can dial just one number at at time.

Change the caller ID to any number at any time-This is useful if you have called a list multiple times. Simply change the CID number to another number or even a local number to increase the pick up rate.

Rerun your (got leads),(Call backs) through the system as many times as needed to filter down the prospects that are truly interested.

Filters out no answers, busy, disconnected numbers which means you have live prospects on the phone continuously.

Leaves pre-recorded messages on answering machines in your voice, while your talking to prospects.

Send an email template that you design instantly to your prospects.

Pick up to 3 email templates on the fly.

Track leads from cradle to grave Employee time clock modules.

Track you employees to make sure they are making calls and getting leads. Know when they log in, log out, talk minutes, number of leads, phone calls etc…

Productivity Modules. Track your ROI per call,per hour,per day.

Lead tracking modules. Change you leads from Red-hot, yellow-warm and blue-cold so you can track the interest level and concentrate on your hot leads in real time. This module also has the ability to change notes on prospects in real time as well.

Need motivation? The Global Selling Solutions CRM supplies the callers with motivational sales quotes through out the hour.

Import your own leads or data into the system easily.

Never touch a phone.

Schedule reminders for call backs for prospects.

Mac Compatible

Web based- You can log in from anywhere, from any computer.

No phone line needed

Simple easy to use with a very short learning curve

System is soft coded- We can change the system for your companies needs.

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