More Calls = More Sales

You don’t have to be a rocket scientist to understand that sales is simply… simple math.

Not only does it apply to Sales… it really applies to most anything.

The more you play golf the better you’ll get…you may not be a tour pro… but you will get better.

The more you cook… the better you will get at cooking.

The more doors you knock on, leads you buy or mailings you do… the more sales you will have.

Finally… the more calls you make… the more leads… the more appointments… the MORE SALES!!!

Because it is a numbers game…

Reaching more people in less time will increase the number of prospects that you speak with.

Not only is reaching more people the way to increase sales, but spending quality time with them on the phone also increases sales. And spending more time on the phone will hone your sales skills!

Salesdialers.com is designed to let you do both!

Using our state of the art sales engine technology, we will help you contact more leads and you will also be able to spend the quality time on the phone with them to ensure that you close that sale!

So keep in mind that we’re not just going to give you a dialer… we’re going to:

  • Scripts to use while calling.
  • The best times to call prospects.
  • Telesales training
  • How to talk on the phone.
  • Tips for the phone.
  • Tips for sending emails and leaving voice mails.
  • Guidance on hiring your own telemarketer
  • Who to use.
  • Potential venues to post your ad.
  • Interviewing, training and compensation options.

If you want a turnkey solution, then give us a call or attend our daily webinar. In just 25 minutes we’ll demo the dialer, make live calls and answer all your questions.

By Cory Prado

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