Lessons From My Father

This Father’s Day got me thinking about the importance of being a father. All day long people were wishing fathers, Happy Father’s Day. I received hundreds of beautiful posts and tweets wishing me the same. This caused me to ask myself, what kind of father am I?

I began to ask myself, do I spend enough time with my kids? If something happened to me today, what would they remember me for? Have I made a lasting impact on them yet?

My father died when I was only 10 years of age and people have often said, “oh you lost your father at such a young age, he didn’t even have time to teach you about life.” But that is not true at all.  My father had a major impact on my life in just those few years.  Most of which he taught me he never even talked about, he taught me in how he lived and worked.

Here are 5 key valuable lesson my dad instilled in me that I have carried through my life:

  1. Your name is your most valuable asset.
  2. Be known for your work ethic and don’t waste a minute.
  3. Pay attention to all people regardless of position.
  4. Success is something you create not something that happens.
  5. Approach success as your duty.

Being a father is my most important role in my life. Being a husband the second most important and being a businessman the third. I use a planner I exhibit great work ethic and never waste a minute giving me the best shot at being a 10X dad.

To all the 10X fathers in the world I salute you for making the time, setting your priorities and creating the example of success for those around you. I know it’s not easy.

Many of you, whether you know it or not have been role models to because of the great example you set. To all of you out there that LEAD people everyday and father them in their careers.

I truly hope you all had a great Father’s Day.

Be great, nothing else pays.

Grant Cardone

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