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JINGLE JINGLE….great Salespeople are always using their “magic words”. You group of business people talkingknow what I mean…naturally saying just the right thing, at the right time…without having to think. Let me give you one of those statements that you have to read twice to get to the root of the meaning… “Natural isn’t natural, it takes practice”. It all starts with having your repertoire of “Jingle Bells lines” always at the ready. I call them Jingle Bells linesbecause when you need them, they just roll off the tip of your tongue easily. You have used them so many times – you don’t have to think when you say them… they’re just part of who you are. Consider this, they weren’t natural when you started using them… that took time.

Here is your ACTION PLAN….here’s some of my favorites. Add them to your arsenal… make them part of your “Jingle Bells” collection. I can assure you that they work extremely well:

1) “If I could get your home sold right away, would that pose a problem for you?”

2) “If we got together this week and you were comfortable with my approach to your needs, is there anything preventing you from doing business with me right away?”

3) “If you knew it was going to cost you $5,000-$10,000 to wait, what would you do?”

4) “Last week we sold _______homes at my office. Let’s get together for 15 minutes and I’ll show youexactly what we did to get those great results. Do you want to see me today @ _____pm or would tomorrow be better?”

Put the time in to adding more “magic words” to your repertoire. They will become natural over time and you’ll be significantly more compelling. Be committed, I’ll help you get there! NO Excuses.

About Bruce

Bruce Keith helps you become a dramatically more effective salesperson by focusing on three main aspects of the business of sales… Time Mastery, “Real-Life” Sales Skills, and Repeatable Business Systems. The result is you become more efficient, you know “what to say and how to say it”, and you perform your tasks consistently in a highly efficient fashion. His proven strategies and techniques have helped 1000’s of salespeople take their careers to a whole new level in a surprisingly short period of time.

The books Bruce has written, the products his company has produced, and the highly successful effective Coaching programs provide an amazing combination to support salespeople all over North America. If you want better results in a short period of time then this is for you. As Bruce says, “The better you starts here”! Contact Bruce and his team today.
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