Jeremiah Desmarais Endorses Salesdialers.com


Listen to the audio above to hear Jeremiah Desmarais talk about the advantage of using Salesdialers.com.

“Are you looking for a better way to get  more done in less time?”

Jeremiah Desmarais

Jeremiah Desmarais
  • Award-winning B2B Marketing, digital marketing executive with proven track record of encouraging customers to buy products… and keep them coming back for more. Highly versed in Lead Generation programs, demand generation, content creation, B2B marketing, B2C Marketing, online marketing and analytics. Held various roles in insurance and marketing: Marketing Director, Marketing Executive, Creative Director, Vice President of Marketing, Vice President of Strategy. Recent successes: – Transformed flat sales of cloud product to 95% increase in 11 months through strategic promotion – Created $28M in lifetime customer value in less than 14 months – Generated 2,000 sales leads per month for 26 months – Increased lead flow to 70+ B2B Sales force by 321% in less than 120 days – Reduced cost per lead by 1200% through digital marketing strategy Recognized as a strategic thinker with a fresh approach to ideas among peers, employers and industry associations. Specialties: Insurance Marketing Marketing Strategy B2B Marketing Thought Leadership Demand Generation Content Marketing Multi-Channel Campaign Management Lead Scoring Sales Optimization Product Launch Information Marketing Analytics SEO, SEM, PPC, SMS/Texting Social Media B2B Marketing Marketing Executive Direct Response Email Marketing Public Speaking Marketing VP Lead Generation Webinars Pragmatic Marketing …
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