Is Leaving a Message Worth it?

Many people ask this question “Is it even worth it to leave a message?” or “What’s the point, they’ll just delete it and not listen to it?”

And to respond to that question we say, “How many callbacks do you get if you DON’T leave a voicemail?”

That answer is obviously ZERO.

Let’s look at it this way: Your competitor leaves messages for every single sales call they make in a day that go to voicemail and they receive only one call back. You leave no voicemails and receive no call backs. Statistically speaking, that’s 100% more than you would get.

Now let’s look at it in the prospects point of view: If you keep calling and don’t leave a message, isn’t it a safe bet the prospect would become agitated, always seeing your company name pop up, but never knowing why you are calling? The more you call and DON’T leave a message, the more you appear to be a pesky salesperson.

In the long run, Don’t give up after leaving one message. It may take your 2nd or 3rd attempt for them to finally get back to you. Your prospects are busy and they want to grow / improve their business. Be part of the solution to help them get what they want and you will end up getting what you want: A call back that leads to new business relationship.

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