How to increase your sales with dialer software

Among the many ways to increase and diversify you marketing efforts aside from direct mail, Internet leads, print media, yellow pages and other methods… using dialing software to generate new business is among the least expensive, most responsive and flexible tools available.

There are many types of dialing software available on the market and they all have different features and price points. The main point to remember is that all of them help you make a lot more sales phone calls per day resulting in more sales. Remember it’s a numbers game in anything that you do…the more calls, the more leads, the more appointments.. the more sales. You should at the very least be able to double if not triple your productivity.

Dialing software, predictive or power, is a very powerful software tool used to sell in countless industries. However we recommend the use of power dialers based on their ability to stay well below the FTC abandonment (dropped call)rate. Dialers are designed to provide sales reps the ability to easily dial up to 400 live calls per hour versus hand-dialing at 20-30 calls per hour while managing the leads from cradle-to-grave with dialer CRM features. Companies, both large and small use phone dialing software in their call centers and many self-employed independent sales people use them in their home or small business.

When considering different dialer software options you will see a lot of different alternatives that can be much more expensive than others with pricing ranging between $150 and $300 per month. Some dialer providers will require you to subscribe and then host the dialing software on your computer while others will require dedicated and branded hardware to be purchased and then installed in order to use their system.

A less expensive option is to find a dialer software provider that offers a hosted dialer option. so that you won’t have to provide your own hosting or purchase any special hardware. Your dialer provider will handle the hosting as part of their service. You simply need Internet connectivity to access their service online.

If you’re still manually dialing, as much as 80 – 85% of your calls will result in answering machines, disconnected numbers, busy signals, or no answers. When you use a dialer, it transparently takes these problems out of the equation so that you are continuously talking to live prospects. This will give you a 250 to 400% increase in productive sales calls and leads. Remember it’s a numbers game so more calls will give you more leads then more appointments followed by… more sales. The icing on the cake is that in addition to making more sales and income, you can make these calls in far less time than manually dialing and free up some time to use for other things. The increase that you’ll see in both sales and efficiency will get you kicking yourself for trying a dialer sooner. Better sooner than later!

We hope that you’ll consider diversifying your marketing efforts and at least try a dialer. Be sure that you evaluate dialers that not only have the features that meet your needs but is also easy to use. Good luck in your future endeavors.

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