Be sure to set your CALLER ID to a phone number that you own.  Also, prospects are more receptive to a CALLER ID that is the same as theirs versus a toll-free number.  If you do not have a local area code in the area you are calling you can get a free phone number on the Internet.

A headset is optional with our solution.  You only need a headset to record your ON HOLD or answering machine recordings, or if you are using the computer to dial into our server and make phone calls.

You must use either Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox as your Internet Browser.  Please search the Internet and download the most current version of either browser.

How do I sign up for SalesDialers?

You can either contact one of our associates personally and they will be more than happy to assist you or you can enroll on our website.

Do I have to download anything to my computer?

Our solution is web-based or hosted which means you don’t have to worry about downloading software or updates and you can use our solution as many computers as you would like.

What is the installation process and how long until SalesDialers is up and running?

Simply complete the required billing form and upon receipt and validation we’ll send you an introductory e-mail with your user name and passwords, training days and times, and some introductory information.  After reviewing this information simply log onto a training to learn how to get started using our system. Account information and other details are normally received 1-2 hours after signing up unless it is after hours or on the weekend.

How do I get my leads and lists into SalesDialers?

  • Your leads must be in a “csv” file (our support team can help you with this). Once they are in this format you can create a campaign and import leads in a matter of minutes.
  • Additionally, we have partnerships with many Internet lead providers to have your live leads imported into your SalesDialers account in real-time.  If we are not currently integrated with your lead vendor then we will be happy to work with them and complete the integration.

Additional requirements listed below

Our Sales engine runs on all versions of Mac and Windows computers.
Runs perfectly on 3G mobile cards.
Our solution is browser based and it is compatible with Chrome and Firefox. 
Computer within the last 5 years.
Computer headset.
Internet access.
No need for a separate telephone line.
Lead list for importing. (If you do not have a list please let your representative know and we will contact one of our vendors)
Audio recording of the message you want to be left on answering machines automatically. (Wav format)

Want Business? Get SalesDialers Sales Engine

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