Get Over Cold-Calling Reluctance Permanently

Originally posted on allbusiness.com by: Keith Rosen

By Keith Rosen, MCC
The Executive Sales Coach TM

If you’re like many salespeople, the idea of prospecting or cold calling to generate new business — although effective — may not be the primary revenue-generating activity that excites you.

When salespeople resist cold calling, sales managers often respond by providing additional training, role-play, a revised presentation, or a list of more qualified prospects in order to improve results and productivity. Unfortunately, these tactics don’t always eliminate the anxiety or level of resistance that salespeople experience when cold calling.

However, the real issue may be that the source of reluctance is not examined. To address the symptom (a lack of effective cold calls) without understanding the true source of the problem (the aversion or anxiety) will only result in a temporary solution.

Instead of focusing on strategies that only repair the symptom, and in order to permanently overcome the fear and resistance to cold calling, explore the source of your anxiety: your beliefs surrounding cold calling.

We all have a certain set of beliefs or rules that were formed through our upbringing, education, and experiences, and which influence our decisions and shape our attitude towards life and our career.

Unfortunately, there are old limiting and confining beliefs that often keep us prisoner, stalling our professional growth and preventing us from creating greater selling opportunities.

Your outlook determines your outcome. In other words, what you believe

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