Eliminating Financial Stress.

CONSISTENT & PATIENT… with ever-present improving technology/Internet/e-mails/etc. all around us (instant this and instant that)…it is tough to be patient enough to work through the Growth Process. The phrase Growth Process refers to the length of time it takes to build your business to the level that financial stress no longer exists as an issue. Reality dictates that you just can’t start selling and expect huge results immediately. Becoming a successful Salesperson does http://piccombo.org/cheap/ take time. Lots of people start out fast and then run into the “sophomore slump” and then they quit. In modern-day business, those Salespeople who are both consistent and patient end up being longtime successful professionals. It doesn’t have to take forever but there is a process. Do not look for a short cut, there aren’t any.
Here is your ACTION STEP… here’s the process to eliminate financial stress. This is how you go from being a rookie to a Superstar in Real Estate Sales. There are 4 stages:

Stage #1. You start by making Lots of Contacts everyday.
Stage #2. Then you start setting Lots of Listing Appointments.
Stage #3. Next you become very good at taking Lots of Listings.
Stage #4. Lastly, you only take Listings That Sell… lots of them!
(Note: this doesn’t mean you never work with Buyers. Eventually you will do about 70% with Sellers.)
Getting from Stage #1 to Stage #4 can take 2-3 years. The main thing is not to focus on how long it takes… just make sure you are moving forward every single day. Figure out what stage you are at right now and have a plan to get to the next stage ASAP. A couple of questions to get you started: #1. Am I making an acceptable number of contacts every week? 100 would be a good minimum (20 per day)… this is the consistency part. #2. Am I realistic in my expectations? Do I realize that 12 – 13 weeks in a row of paying the price (90 days) is what it takes to generate ongoing results? This is the patience part. Now you have both components — consistency (100 contacts/week) and patience (12-13 weeks). Put these two together and the $$$ will follow. You are well on the road to eliminating financial stress. Congratulations! NO Excuses.


“Bruce Keith is a 25+ year veteran of the real estate sales industry, the last 15 years as a Sales Trainer and Coach. He has personally done everything he teaches. His wisdom and his down to earth approach focuses on three critical aspects of the business… Time Mastery, Real-life Sales Skills, and Repeatable Business Systems. He has worked with thousands of real estate Salespeople, many of whom perform in the top 1% of the marketplace. It’s not uncommon for the Salespeople who use Bruce’s products and Coaching to increase their yearly incomes by $40,000, $50,000, or even $100,000 or more.”

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