Drawing a Line in the Sand – Assessing Your Business So Far in 2014

The winter blues are gone, we are well into the spring and it’s time to take a solid look at your business for 2014. You should have a pretty good understanding by now as to whether or not you are going to meet your targets for the year. The good news is it’s not too late to make some adjustments in case you’re a bit off track. On the other hand, if you are on track then that’s even more reason to “turn up the heat” to make it your best year ever!
We are one third of the way into the year. There are typically 3 – 4 indicators to tell you if you are winning or losing. They are… # of listings taken, # of listings sold, # of buyer sales, and total closings/earnings so far this year. For example, if your overall business plan for 2014 is to complete 24 transactions then by the end of April you should have taken 8 listings and generated a combination of 8 transactions (buyers and/or sellers).
You have now “drawn a line in the sand”. Are you happy with what you see? Regardless of your answer, I’ve got some solutions to help you “bump it up” in the details below.

Assessing Your Business So Far in 2014

time for review clock

Now that you know where you stand, you can really start to dig in and both figure out how you got there + decide what’s next? Here’s three quick questions to get you started:
1. Knowing where I stand, where should I be based on my original business plan for the year? (Use the above 3-4 Key Measurements to make that assessment…listings taken, listings sold, buyer sales, and closings)
2. How satisfied am I on a scale of 1 – 10 with my performance so far?
3. What has gotten in the way in the last four months — what challenges do I need to address immediately? Critical Point here – only focus on items over which you have control. (Examples: lack of consistency, poor cash flow, not enough leads, etc.)
Take 10 minutes and write down the answers to the above questions. This will give you some clarity in answering the “what’s next” question. The best part of the year is yet to come! This is where you can really generate some exciting results. One of the best ways to do that is to put a 60 Day “Bump it Up” Plan in place. There are 12 steps in the plan.  But, here are 5 of them for you for the next 60 days.

BK’s 60 Day “Bump It Up” Plan*
1.    Very first thing  – write down your Top 3 “must do” items for today (you’re not finished until they are done).
2.    Prospect + lead follow-up in the morning – get it out of the way before “the snakes get out of the box” – 20 Contacts per day.
3.    Have your phone numbers ready the night before. Examples: Past Clients & Sphere, FSBO, expired, old expired, absentee owner, old leads, just listed/just sold.
4.    Social media – one half hour per day, it works – just don’t get bogged down.
5.    Call ALL your past clients and centers of influence and ask for referrals in the next 30 days (example: if you have 100 names then you should be calling 5 per day).
Now you have a roadmap… don’t make it complicated, don’t overdo it – don’t under do it. Just do what’s necessary for the next 60 days and your results will jump!
If you are looking to do more than ‘bump it up’ a little, you can look into our Bruce Keith Sales System program. This program includes group training calls live with Bruce Keith on Monday and live Role Playing sessions every Thursday.
You must be consistent and practice your skills to develop lasting systems for good!

* Adapted from Bruce Keith’s seminar “Drawing a Line in the Sand – Assessing Your Business + a 60 Day Plan for Bumping it Up”

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