How to Convert More Leads Into Sales


  • Step 1: Get Leads
    Obtain leads from anywhere you can. Sales, is often times a numbers game. The more leads you obtain, the more sales that can occur. Everywhere you go, talk to people and hand out business cards. Everyone is a potential lead, or may be able to refer you to a potential lead. Obtain from the following: Referrals, Internet leads, existing business, prospecting with dialers, and networking.
  • Step 2: How do you Categorize the Leads?
    Categorize each lead into three categories, “A” category are the ones most likely to purchase something very soon, “B” leads are those that are most likely going to buy, at some point. And “C” leads are the ones that you are not sure about, but want to keep in touch with just in case. Contact your “A” leads the most often, perhaps weekly, while “C” leads may only get a monthly newsletter. Use of a CRM software system will help categorize this for you.
  • Step 3: Build Leadership in your Domain
    Keep a blog, or an updated website. Updating often is the key. This keeps your clients in touch with the industry, and they will turn to you as the professional. Update on all current information, trends and/or news within the business. This is a quick and easy way to keep everyone updated.
  • Step 4: Connecting to Prospects
    Do something special for your lead. Immediately upon meeting or speaking with a new lead, make it a priority to do something special right away. If it is their birthday or anniversary coming up, send a card. Maybe you have extra tickets for a local sports event? Those are good items to have on hand. If all else fails, send a card for the season.
  • Step 5: Understand the client’s needs
    Overcome objections. If a lead is threatening to walk away, you need to find out why. Can you overcome their objection? Often times a lead may have more questions or will let you know why they are saying no at this time. Is it cost? Can you offer them financing or another option? Whatever their objection, work on overcoming it.
  • Step 6: Keep in Touch
    Keep a constant point of contact. Email newsletters are a great way to keep contact with all leads. You can set this up to be automatic, on a weekly, bi-weekly or monthly basis. This keeps your name in front of them and reminds them that you are available to serve their needs. You can use CRM software to stay in better contact with your leads. You must have good follow skills
  • Step 7: What not to say
    Keep all opinions to yourself. If you are selling a car, don’t make a remark about how ugly red interiors are, that may be their favorite and you have just offended them. Don’t voice political opinions either. Often a touchy subject with people, and you are bound to offend some people with your thoughts.
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