Content Marketing: Your Sales Team’s Greatest Weapon

In sales, it’s easy to become laser-focused on chasing down leads, making more calls, and hitting monthly performance goals without doing much on a day-to-day basis to achieve long-term growth.

To really boost your bottom line, your team should be taking advantage of sales tools that are always working in the background to generate leads and make instant connections with more potential customers. That’s where content comes in.

“Content marketing” probably sounds like a task reserved for your marketing people, but when used correctly, it can be a valuable sales tool. Creating quality content can help bolster your company’s credibility, improve customer relationships, boost conversion rates, and more.

Here’s why you should make content a key part of your sales strategy — and how you can get started:

1. Content Leads to Credibility

Let’s be honest: Sometimes, salespeople are written off as pretty talking heads who are just there to convince people to buy something. They get a bad rap when customers think they’re just trying to move the needle without really caring about how the product or service meets their specific needs.

Showing that your salespeople truly understand your product and how it addresses a customer’s pain points helps command respect and nurture relationships that go beyond a transaction. If your sales team demonstrates real knowledge past the pitch and can lead the conversation as an industry expert, customers will be more interested in what they have to say.

2. It Creates an Easy First Point of Contact

An article written by someone on your sales team can lead potential customers to your website and motivate them to buy. At my company, we routinely get calls from people who found an article written by one of our sales viagra online canada team members and were motivated to pick up the phone that same day.

3. Content Warms Up the Convention Floor

Getting content published online is a great way to get the conversation going when your sales team attends conferences, industry tradeshows, or networking events. When our sales team goes on the road, at least a handful of people have already heard of us, which speeds up the networking process and makes it easier to form connections with potential clients.

4. Content Is Customer-Ready Sales Collateral

Back at the office, your content can be used to nurture leads, answer questions, and close sales. Being armed with a diverse range of articles specifically created to address clients’ pain points and objections and answer questions is great for easing doubts or removing barriers when emailing back and forth. Often, showcasing your expertise can make the difference in closing a sale while simultaneously reinforcing your credibility.

5. Content Gives You Marketing Material

Once you’ve created content, there are a variety of ways you can use it. You may choose to promote your content on LinkedIn or syndicate it using a service like Outbrain or Taboola. The more avenues you have to get your content in front of potential customers, the more people will come in contact with your company, and the more qualified leads you’ll have in the pipeline.

How to Get Buy-in from Your Team 

Your sales team has the know-how behind the content, but making the time to write and get content published is the real issue. Here are some tips to get your team going:


  1. Ramp up rewards. Getting your company an author byline is like free advertising, so it follows that your sales team deserves some sort of incentive for producing content. Whether it’s a performance-based bonus or a non-monetary reward (like time off or recognition), it’s important to demonstrate the value of content for your company.
  2. Pave the way to publication. Help your team identify target publications — specifically, those that are accepting guest posts directed toward your target market. Use your company’s relationships to build connections with publications you’re interested in to lower the barriers for your team.
  3. Allocate writing time. Sales jobs are often fast-paced and time-consuming, so it’s crucial to give your team time to produce content without having to worry about making commission or meeting other generic cialis cheap performance-based incentives. Remember, content is a form of marketing; even if your employees aren’t spending as much time on the proverbial sales floor, the time they spend writing is just as valuable — or arguably more so — for generating and nurturing leads.


With high-quality content published by your sales team, you’ll demonstrate a thorough understanding of your product or service and build your company’s reputation as an industry leader. You’ll be able to attract leads, warm up the room before networking events, and address any concerns a prospect may have. Ultimately, content marketing is a huge arena for business growth, and published content is one of the best tools your sales team can use to gain a competitive edge.


Don Broekelmann

Don Broekelmann is the Executive Vice President atInfluence & Co., a professional branding firm based out of Columbia, Mo. Don works with Influence & Co.’s brand partners to develop content marketing plans to create authentic engagement with specific customer segments.


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