COLD CALL Emailing Subject line Tips

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Sales Question:

“When sending out emails, what’s the best way to utilize the subject line?”

Depends on the type of email…
Is this a first time cold call prospecting email (first time = you have never spoken with them before / cold call = they haven’t raised their hand to be contacted)
Is this a first time email to a prospect that attended a lead generating webinar?
Is this a follow-up email to a prospect you’ve already spoken with? And if so, where in the sales process did the last call end?
These are just a few scenarios that an inside sales person would deal with on a daily basis, so to answer the question as accurately (and as helpful) as possible, one would need to understand the situation at hand.

Let’s assume you meant when you are emailing a cold call prospect for the first time since that is a popular scenario.
To come up with an effective EMAIL SUBJECT LINE, solve the problem by working it backwards.
Meaning, start with the end in mind. What is it that you want to have happen once the prospect reads your email? What is your objective?
Let’s say its to schedule a call in order to determine if they are qualified.
So working it backwards from there, what would you have to do to get the prospect to be willing to agree to a call regarding a subject that they currently aren’t “raising their hand” for?

WHAT’S IN IT FOR THEM. The body of your email needs to pique their interest right off the bat, which means your message needs to be short and to the point!
NO Links;
NO Long paragraphs explaining what you do.
“Hi (Prospects Name) the reason for my email is we recently helped (Competitor 1, 2 and 3) cut/lower/reduce/avoid (ENTER PAIN HOT BUTTON) while at the same time increased/added/raised (ENTER DESIRED RESULT HOT BUTTON) and wanted to see if it would make sense for us to have a quick conversation to determine if what we do could be of some help to you as well.”
So, by working it backwards, we know what our desired result is (get an appointment to qualify them) and to accomplish that, we need to pique their interest. We used the “competition” play to spark their interest (almost all C-Level execs want to know what their competition is up to) and so now, we have to get them to open the email…

In this case, why not just put one of the competitors name in the subject line?
Short, sweet and relevant. No “tricks” or “tactics” like using the “Re:” to try and make them think they are replying to you.
Just straight up, to the point with the message all being about the WHATS IN IT FOR THEM approach.
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