Call Tools vs SalesDialers.com

Calltools.com offers a predictive dialer much similar to SalesDialers.com. Both companies share many similar features that can be good for the user, however there a many features the sets SalesDialers.com to a higher standard. SalesDialers.com offers many unique features including customizable emails, auto drip emails, recording phone calls and email blasts that many clients need to run a productive business. Another feature that is quite important is time zone protection, SalesDialers.com will not allow calls to go through is the number you are dialing is in an area after 9pm, this is very important for legal issues, Calltools.com does not have this feature. For more information about on the comparison of SalesDialers.com and Calltools.com please look below:


Feature SalesDialers.com Call Tools
Import Leads – Excel Yes Yes
Lead Management Yes Yes
Agent Management Yes Yes
Customizable Emails Yes No
Auto Drip Emails Yes No
Email Blasts Yes No
Number of Simultaneous Calls 1 to 4 7
Analytics Yes Yes
Real-Time Leads Post Yes No
Pre-Recorded Messages for Answering Machine Yes Yes
Time Zone Protection Yes No
Change Caller ID Yes Yes
Record Phone Calls Yes No
Social Media Integration Yes Yes
Set-Up with Any Computer Yes Yes
Technical Support Unlimited Unlimited
Contracts Month-to-Month N/A
Cost $79 to $129 $99.00
Number of Minutes Per Month Unlimited 5000 minutes + 2 Cents Per Extra Min
Cost for Setup 0 0
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