Be a Successful New Real Estate Agent With 3 Secrets to Success

If you’re considering real estate as a career, or you’ve just gotten started, these 3 secrets can make a difference in your probability of success in real estate.  Some of the old “real estate sayings” that many new real estate agents take to heart are no longer as true as they were before the Internet and the real estate market problems after 2006.  Learn some new secrets about how to start your new business with less risk of failure.

1. You Don’t Have to Be Good at “Sales.”


Take the title link to learn why you don’t have to be a sales person to succeed.  I’ve never considered myself as a salesman, and I have never “sold” a person a home.  There are ways to present yourself and handle your business that will separate you from the “pushy real estate sales person” image.

2. Think Small for Big Real Estate Agent Business Success

Targeting the site visitor in the real estate market.iStockPhoto

Thinking small doesn’t mean not planning for growth and success in this article.  It’s about understanding your status as an independent contractor and setting up your business practice and marketing to maintain your business as yours and portable.

3. A New Real Estate Agent Doesn’t Have to “List to Last”

You’ve heard it:  “If you don’t list, you’ll not last in real estate.”  It’s a very old saying, and it applied in the very old real estate world.  Read the article at the title link to see how the market and business has changed and how you can be successful as a new real estate agent, or even through an entire career, in working only with buyers.  At least you’ll give buyers more respect and balance your business income a bit better.

By , About.com Guide


By , About.com Guide

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