Back to Work Strategy- Kick Starting 2015

By: Grant Cardone

Happy New Year!

Coming back from a long break can take a minute to get things going again. Here are a few things that you might try to explode into the New Year, get your mind off the last year and onto your continued assault on the success you deserve!

Follow these 5 tips:

1. Treat all holidays like layovers. While most people spend time and energy on what the New Year is going to bring them, and New Years Resolutions, I merely look at the continuation of my journey toward success. I treat New Years, new months, and new quarters like layovers on a trip. The brief moment is a continuation to get me where I am going, not a place to stop, celebrate, and make sacred. Quit spending so much time on a moment in the past and keep your attention on the destination. Maybe you need some sales training. Maybe it’s just a quick pick-me-up motivation video you need. Don’t let these made up moments like New Years, new months, and new quarters distract you from the main target: SUCCESS.

2. Recalibrate from past to future. The end of any moment is merely that, the end of a moment. If it was a great year, a good year, or a terrible year, it is still a moment in the past. A man once told me, “the neurotic lives in the past, those that settle live in the moment, and the genius lives in the future!” In your lifetime there is the likelihood that you will experience the good, the great and the terrible. All three outcomes, while different, all have one thing in common—they are over. Certainly you can hope to learn from the past, but now is the time to move on, not to celebrate or regret.

3. 10X all targets. The biggest trick I have learned in my career is a little Jedi trick I place on myself: 10X all my targets. Right now I am taking the biggest income year I have ever had and working with my staff to 10X those targets. I exceeded my targets last year and now I am 10X’ing all of those targets. Then you must build a strategy for achieving this. Try it. Let’s say you achieved your best year ever and were going to take $80,000 to $800,000. This seems completely unreal, right? Remember that what you achieved last year is unreal to someone else and was probably unreal to you too. First, ask yourself if the 10X goal is possible. Then ask yourself if that goal is attainable if you have the right strategy. Once you agree it is possible, you can move on and build a strategy.

4. Build the strategy backwards. When you are building out the logistics of how to attain your target, build it backwards. If the target is $70-million in gross sales—back into it. How many people do I need? How much do I need to spend in advertising? Etc. If you are building a house, you don’t start with a shovel, you start with a picture of the house, then design the blueprints, then the constructions documents, then the materials, the timeline, then the number of workers, finally you determine the cost and funds—then you pick up the shovel. It’s the same when building a business or your 12-month goals for the upcoming year. Always work it out backwards.

5. Adopt a Whatever It Takes attitude. Now once you have the 10X target in place you must be willing to do and spend Whatever It Takes to accomplish the task. This is what the genius does that makes them a genius. It is not that they are smarter; it is that they are more committed. How do you develop this kind of wild, undying enthusiasm? Well that is a trick in itself, but the first thing you must have are goals so significant that they are worth going into debt for!
Let me know if and how this helps you in your upcoming year. Until then, get out of the past and start creating a future that is worth getting up for everyday—a future that will cause some to admire you and others to hate you.

Grant Cardone: http://www.grantcardone.com/blog/back-to-work-strategy/#ixzz3NyHGFTWo

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