Business philosopher Jim Rohn long ago made it very clear… the difference between success and failure is deciding to stick with the basics. He said there are 3 good news items when it comes to basics…

1. Good News Item #1…there are very few basics… there’s only 5 – 6 of them

2. Good News Item #2… once you know them, you know them… there’s not a lot of study involved

3. Good News Item #3… there are no new ones… nobody’s manufacturing new basics

It would be easy to debate that there are new ideas, technologies, and concepts being introduced every day. Things like social media and video come to mind. When you dig into it though, those are just new are ways of a very essential basic… lead generation. Here are my 6 basics when it comes to choosing Success:

1. Prospect daily
2. Follow a rigid morning routine
3. Have solid accountability in place
4. Practice your skills every week
5. Have clear goals both personal and business
6. Look after your health

What are your 5-6 basics? Are they written down? Make a list and do them every day. Success can be easy.

About Bruce

Bruce Keith helps you become a dramatically more effective salesperson by focusing on three main aspects of the business of sales… Time Mastery, “Real-Life” Sales Skills, and Repeatable Business Systems. The result is you become more efficient, you know “what to say and how to say it”, and you perform your tasks consistently in a highly efficient fashion. His proven strategies and techniques have helped 1000’s of salespeople take their careers to a whole new level in a surprisingly short period of time.

The books Bruce has written, the products his company has produced, and the highly successful effective Coaching programs provide an amazing combination to support salespeople all over North America. If you want better results in a short period of time then this is for you. As Bruce says, “The better you starts here”! Contact Bruce and his team today.
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