6 Short Cuts That Cost

WATCH FOR SABOTAGE… ever notice while working out at the gym how we short our progress even though we have all the best intentions in mind. When you lift a weight that seems to be beyond your capacity… you take an alternative path. For example, it’s natural to try and engage other muscles to get the job done. You arch your back, or lean to one side, or use one arm/leg in an unnatural way. It’s not uncommon to look for ways to reach your goal by “Cutting Corners”. This behavior is simply a function of survival. It’s built into our genes. It’s human nature to conserve energy. The ironic thing is that if the purpose was to build up your biceps then these “alternative paths” are counterproductive… you just trick yourself into thinking that you have reached the goal. The same dilemma shows up frequently in the Sales Business.

Here is your ACTION STEP… let’s look at the danger of Cutting Corners in Sales. As in the gym, all you’re doing is sabotaging the opportunity to reach your goal. Once you recognize this then the battle is almost won.

Here are some examples of where you might be shorting yourself right now:

1. “Winging it” on a listing presentation rather than sticking to a powerful script
2. Giving up after closing only 2 — 3 times

3. Not exercising, eating poorly, not enough sleep (& not getting up on time) 

4. Making just enough daily contacts to get by
5. Not doing the extra 10% that it takes to get amazing results. (eg: one extra contact/stopping by that FSBO on the way home/sending a personal thank you note)

6. Not calling your Sphere of Influence every 90 days

“Cutting Corners” is personal sabotage. Have another look at the above list. Find areas where you are guilty of this crime and eliminate any short cuts. Pick out one to act on today. NO Excuses.

About Bruce

Bruce Keith helps you become a dramatically more effective salesperson by focusing on three main aspects of the business of sales… Time Mastery, “Real-Life” Sales Skills, and Repeatable Business Systems. The result is you become more efficient, you know “what to say and how to say it”, and you perform your tasks consistently in a highly efficient fashion. His proven strategies and techniques have helped 1000’s of salespeople take their careers to a whole new level in a surprisingly short period of time.

The books Bruce has written, the products his company has produced, and the highly successful effective Coaching programs provide an amazing combination to support salespeople all over North America. If you want better results in a short period of time then this is for you. As Bruce says, “The better you starts here”! Contact Bruce and his team today.
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