5 Keys to a Successful Real Estate Career – What I wish I Had known!

Hi Anna this is your older and wiser self! I wanted to have a chat with you about what you might want to consider as you’re starting your real estate career. You’re a pretty ‘hands on’ kind of gal and you like to meet and greet a lot of people. You’ve also had ‘real estate’ in your blood since you were a tiny tyke which will serve your clients well.

And I know you truly understand the ‘value and of home’ and what it means to build ones life, family and world around a home. All of this is a very good start for you but there are a few key components I’d like to share with you. I want you to have every chance of being successful and smart and happy in your real estate profession for many, many years.

1. You are opening your very own business and it’s all up to you. Yes all up to YOU – 100%. You are the boss, you are the assistant, you are the one that must attend to each and every detail in the beginning. It typically takes 2 to 3 years to get a new real estate business/practice ‘off the ground’ and flying high. Your hours will not be ‘banker hours. Expect to work 60 to 80+ hours to get your business off the ground and that means nights and weekends. Be aware that some agents have this idea that their broker is going to hand them ‘leads’. I don’t want you to ever fall into that trap. You have what it takes to create your own referral base that will last your entire career -if you do it properly. It’s 100% up to you to run your new real estate career – like a brand new business.

2. Create a strategic communication system and data base. In today’s world it’s called a CRM. It’s important that you pay attention and work your CRM every day, every week and track your success. It’s much easier to keep in touch with current and past clients if you’ve got a simple system in place. With the touch of a button a letter is printed out, an email is sent or a card is sent and you’re in touch with many people consistently. Remember that staying in touch with your A list and Circle of Influence is your best road to success. Chasing after leads is very time consuming, costly and much harder. Be smart upfront and you will be glad you listened to this advice. Trust me on this one!

3. It’s all about Relationships. What I know to be absolutely true is that people that know, like and trust you are much more willing to work with you. Buying or selling a home is for most people, the biggest financial transaction they’ll make in their lives. That is why building and creating trusting relationships is important not just in real estate – but in every aspects of ones life. It’s all about relationships.

4. Always be and act with professionalism. Now I know you’re already good at that but in the future there will be situations that try your patience – and that’s when you need to step back – take a breath and just chill out. There will be times when you just shake your head and wonder why they heck people are acting, doing or saying things the way they are – it’s just life. This is where the rubber meets the road with a true professional. Always act from a centered and calm place. This is where success is created and sustained over a lifetime.

5. Have Fun. I know from experience that some agents take this business way too serious. (Much like you did by the way!) When your coach/mentor suggested you lighten up and have more fun is when you really started to be successful. And Yes – it’s possible to combine serious and fun and be successful. In fact I can’t imagine not having fun in real estate. If you’re miserable and unhappy then it’s probably not the best choice of careers for you. You should love what you do for a living and have fun!

Well I hope our conversation was as good for you as it was for me! There are many ideas and concepts to learn and discover as you start your real estate career. And in fact you’ll be learning something new almost every day – I sure do. Always know you can count on me to be here for you if you need some advice or just want to chat. That’s what your broker is for – to guide you along the path of your successful real estate career. Now let’s get back to work!

5 Keys to a Successful Real Estate Career – What I wish I Had known!

By Anna Krutchen

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