17 Habits of Highly Successful Insurance Agents

Whether you are a new agent or a seasoned insurance veteran, there is always room to improve.We talked to some of the most successful agents in our wide network of agents to compile this list of the most beneficial habits you can practice to close plenty of policies and build long lasting business relationships. Combined, there are benefits from more than 50 years of experience detailed in our list. So take this advice and take the insurance industry by storm!

1. The first thing you should know and what you should always keep in mind is that your insurance education does not end once you pass your licensing exams. With new technology being developed and new governmental policies being implemented, you constantly need to educate yourself to remain relevant as an agent and to be a resource for your clients.

2. Plan your calendar at least two weeks in advance. It WILL get booked up fast. And there is nothing more handy than a planned out schedule. It will help you be more productive.

3. Make sure to tailor update notices to clients. The more personal you are as an agent, the more your clients will appreciate you.

4. Always write personal notices and thank yous.

5. Don’t just take referrals, give them too. It helps you strengthen your connections and will definitely come in handy in the future.

6. Join a Trade Association and become an active participant. You will always learn something new and form friendships you will keep throughout your entire career and beyond.

7. Get as many policies out of one client as possible. One client with four policies is better than four policies with four different clients. Multiple policies help retain clients.

8. Offer to review your high profile clients’ policies at least every two years. Show them that you care.

9. Follow up on leads that you couldn’t close. You never know when someone is looking for a new policy or you found out about a new discount that just came out.

10. Keep your energy up. The cliché about hearing a smile over the phone is quite true. If your potential customer thinks that you don’t want to business with them, they won’t want to do business with you.

11. Keep your day organized. Your new job can get pretty crazy, so it’s best to know what you’re doing and when. Especially when you are meeting with customers.

12. Don’t put off giving bad news. No one ever wants to do it and you probably won’t feel glad that you did it, but the sooner you do it, the sooner everyone involved can move on.

13. Get it done in one call. Rescheduling always lowers retention rates.

14. Learn to delegate. Your CSR can be a very valuable and helpful tool once you figure out how to prioritize and let your CSR do the work that they can handle.

15. Go over a claim with your client before they report it; don’t let them report by themselves. This is one of those “above and beyond” moves that take you from good agent to amazing agent that people refer.

16. Create a Standard Operating Procedure (maybe even in checklist form). It will help you establish credibility with your colleagues and alike, and it will help you make fewer mistakes. Plus it will help you stay organized and in a business that revolves around information, there is nothing more important than organization.

17. Find a mentor, someone who is where you want to be and represents the values you wish to emulate. Tell him your goals and ask him (or her) if you could check in with him from time to time to monitor your progress. More than likely he will be flattered that you are coming to him with this type of request. Most importantly, follow through so this becomes a beneficial exercise for both participants. And maybe one day you can be someone’s mentor.

Written by Tatyana Levin

From http://www.insurancefiles.com/blog/17-habits-of-highly-successful-insurance-agents/

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